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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My first iPhone App

The title pretty much says it all! On March 18 (Beijing time) I jumped through all the necessary hoops and uploaded my app using itunesconnect. It was pretty easy. I was abit worried about how long it would take to be approved but it turned out to be just under 7 days. (6 days, 20 hours or so)

Clicking the above pic will take you to iTunes! Over all the hardest part has been teaching myself programming in Objective-C. But it has been very fulling. So far I have give out one Promo Code and supposed 2 have bought it. I already have a few ideas for upgrades and future versions. Namely integration with Facebook Connect and news feeds. my goal is to integrate that by April 17th.

Well I hope a few people find it interesting and mildly entertaining.


  • I thought you forgot about this blog! Good to see it back! Too bad I don't have an iphone. waiting for my helio contract to run out. so you poke the monkey a lot? (insert juvenile joke here)

    By Blogger craftyk, at 11:40 AM  

  • Gratz on the iPhone app release! There is a ton of opportunity there, I hope you make some dough!

    Let me know if you need some UI/Design support :)

    By Blogger Isaac, at 12:43 PM  

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