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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

First Bilingual Post...

On saturday, some friends and I had gone to a large shopping center called Jinwuxing and bought a few things. This place was huge! I bought some badminton rackets. I find it is quite fun. And good for my health. Afterwards we went to a park to play and celebrate one of my russian classmates birthday with some yummy birthday cake. We stopped of at a bakery called Weiduomei and bought 4 pieces of cake. As we went inside I noticed the music playing, and apparently Chinese bakeries like to party. Even worse, I think it was a remix, of "We like to party".

星期六我跟些很好的朋友去一个很大的商场,名字叫《金五星》,我们去买东西了。 这个地方非常大!我买了一副羽毛球拍。我觉得打羽毛球是很好完儿的!也使我的身体更好。 然后我们去一个公园庆祝我的俄国的同学的生日,但是我们先进去点心店,名字叫《味多美》, 买四块蛋糕。 我一进去就听音乐。你知道不知道中国人喜欢“庆祝”,他们喜欢...他们喜欢...他们喜欢庆祝!

As you can see I'm making progress, but miles to go...


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