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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bad Mitch, Lazy Blogger...

A few updates since last time. OK, let's get started.

First, I will be making more of an effort to contribute to this here blog which the 3 of you are following and reading.

Second, I've bought my very own personal corner of the web. www.mitchwagner.net Yes, I know it is essentially just vanity plate for my car on the internet, but whatever. I'll be fleshing it out in the coming weeks, with things that I find interesting. It's also just good practice for my inner programmer. From an IT perspective it grabs my twitter feed as well as my Blogspot feed (Where this entry is originating) and parses it into my personal web page. It's setup such that I can relatively easily switch blog sources and still have the content show up on there. Also the way it is setup, Chinese viewers will be able to read my current blog and twitter posts, where normally they would not due to the Great Fire Wall. (Assuming the site as a whole isn't blocked by the PRC.)

Third, This blog is a good chance for me to practice my English. And after nearly 5 years in China I definitely need the writing practice.

Forth, I will be spending more time on iPhone development in the coming weeks to get two projects out the door. All while at the same time concurrently working on the company website. www.sellschicken.com The latter is waiting on my good friend and graphics guy, Dave, to work up a Logo/Mascot for the site. Then it will go up pretty quickly. (A week or so after graphics are finalized.)

Fifth, I will be deciding very soon as to whether to stay in China or to move back to the states. Seeing as how I am spending more time doing development and less time thinking about teaching, I think we can all guess which way I am leaning. I need only take care of one issue and then things will start to move along more quickly. For those that are curious, my preferences are in the following order. San Francisco, Chicago, Bloomington. If my choice is between Bloomington and China, I will likely just stay in China. No offense to Bloomingtonians.

Sixth, I am making efforts to spend less time reading political news and more time on things in my life that are actually productive, like hobbies, projects and exploring more of the city before I fly away one last time. Also in this category is the concept of fitness. I've often had and on-again off-again relationship with the concept of fitness. Well, it's on now. 4-5 week days each week. Weekends off, for good behavior. 4 days is the bare minimum. Each day will involve running, my evil mistress.

Seventh, Project Marx, a.k.a. Project Joaquin Phoenix (if you hate commies.)

As you can see I am now quite bearded. This is part experiment, part art project and part "get it out of your system while you can". The experimental portion is to test the density and coverage of my beard, as I have only tested "The Goatee" in the past, I felt it was time for a mature full beard test. The artistic portion is to make a time lapse movie of me growing a beard. In the beginning, one photo was taken every 12 hours. Now that the beard is longer, and it's harder to see the progress, photos are now being taken every 24 hours. And finally, If I get it out of my system, I will likely never need (or want) to grow it out again. The final movie and photos will get their own blog post when (and if) I finally shave it off.

Eighth, Last summers firearms project was a success. But also fun. Went to the range several times. Once with Tomas. Once with just mom, I think it was her first time at a range since the 1960's. She had a lot of fun. Once with Kasey, obviously outside Chicago. And one final time with Tomas again, and Alison as well as some Chinese friends. All-in-all it was a fun hootin' tootin' shootin' summer. Oh sorry about that. Also the custom rifle that I built turned out nicely, and was sold at the end of the summer. Will likely build another this summer. It's my inner geek that likes knowing how things work and are constructed that makes me build. Anyway, here it is.

Nineth, Kerry and Isaac, my beloved SF hosts and friends came to China in September right after I got back. We all had a great time. Ate many foods and shared many experiences, even though I was partially disabled at the time. (Partially severed tendon in right hand). They are definitely good reason to live in SF. (Also, congrats on buying a house!) Very much looking forward to seeing them this summer regardless of where I end up living and working.

Finally, I really do hope that I can post a little more regularly and that You all enjoy what I got to say. Starting now I will be spending more though on writing about my experiences here in China, or at least the ones I can share to the viewing public. Anyway. Signing off for now. Better spell check this first! ;)



  • You have more than 3 followers, some of us follow you in our google reader ;)
    SF misses you. you forgot to mention that we have gun ranges out here too, you went to one last year. We do not have Beijing's awesome street food though. Yet.

    By Blogger Craftyk, at 1:23 PM  

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