...in China! (...在中国!)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

On paperwork...

Thursday morning I finally received scans of my paper work from China. This consisted of my work permit and letter of invitation. I went to the local Chinese consulate to finally apply for my work (Z) visa. They closed at 2:30pm. It was 3pm. I go back on friday at 12:45pm for my second attempt. They're closed from 12pm to 1pm for lunch. I go have lunch at Chili's. I go back at about 1:20pm. They're open. I wait in line. I need a passport photo. I have none. They can take one for me for $10 cash. I have $3. I got to the nearest Walgreens. They hook me up with 2 passport photos for <$10. I go back the the Consulate for the forth time. I wait in line. I have my application mostly filled out. I give them all of my paperwork. Luckily I had a feeling I would need my actual passport. Man, was I right on that one. They need it to affix the visa directly into the passport. So Currently my passport is in the possession on the PRC. But the good news... Next Thursday, July 20th I go pick up my passport with my brand spanking new Work Visa. All that is left now is to do the following: A) Book my flight. B) Get/Buy everything that I need. C) Say goodbyes. Have Bon Voyage Parties. D) Pack. E) Go.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mini Update.

I just received an update from my contact in China. I should be getting my work permit and letter of invitation sometime in the next week or so, which means I'll be able to go get my visa and start thinking about plane tickets. Also, apparently my dorm room/apartment will be nicer than I thought. It will have it's own private mini kitchen, and be furnished. Unclear if I will fit on the bed!