...in China! (...在中国!)

Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh, did I forget something?

So as you may have noticed. I've been woefully past due on posting an update. To the tune of 8 months. Wow, um, sorry about that. Blogger is sometimes hard to reach here and I am to lazy to go fishing for a proxy that works. But I am here now and that's what matter. So what have you missed. A trip home during the summer. A birthday. Visiting with a friend that came from China to Chicago. Return to China. The first term of classes. And Spring festival. The biggest thing. I went to Hunan (湖南) and Jiangxi (江西) over the festival vacation to visit friends and meet their familes. While in Hunan I had a chance to redefine my idea of what spicy meant. It's call "Niuwa" (牛蛙) or Bull Frog, but this dish also had congealed duck blood which is the dark ingredients. Seen here:

It was very tasty it had a nice clean spicy taste. But the heat stayed only in your mouth and on your tongue, and it's doesn't go away. And let me just say DAMN, the spiciest thing I've had here. And I've had food floating in overflowing pools of oil and chillies.

Hopefully with the wind up to the Olympics Blogger.com will be more accessible here. I'll try to make more frequent updates, I promise! But in the meantime, you can catch up to date updates on Twitter.