...in China! (...在中国!)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Name that dish...

Here is a dish I tried some time ago. Perhaps 3 weeks. It was quite yummy. It is a Sichuan dish, meaning it is a bit spicy. But I really enjoyed it and it helped me with a cold I had.

Which brings us to this week's installment of "What the Hell is Mitch eating over there?"

The correct answer would be...
"What is frog?"
"Who is Kermit?" Would also be accepted.

Yet another reason why camera phones are good. Who takes a regular camera with them to just a regular lunch. You catch all sorts of interesting dishes and bad translations. Gotta love it.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


First Christmas in China. Pretty quiet. No. Actually, quite busy. That day I had two of my Chinese language classes. In one I had a final exam. And I taught two English classes. Christmas eve was pretty fun though. Met a friend for dinner. Then we were mall rats for the evening. Lots of Fun.

I was sent a very nice care package from the family.
Peppermint Patties. (they don't seem to combine chocolate and mint here very often) Pumpkin bread.
Two pairs of shoes. (Hard to find my size here! 47.5)
Two pullovers.
DIY Mini Christmas tree, with mini ornaments. (see photo above)
6 pack of Wintergreen Altoids.
Static window decorations.
Mini stocking with Mini stuffer!
Something from Marie.

The next holiday coming up is New Years. I am hoping for a nice evening and weekend. Since Friday will be the last day of Chinese classes, next week will be pretty light.

I now have a regular speaking partner. Her English is not so good, so I'm forced to use more Chinese to communicate. It is quite nice. And I'm getting pretty fast with a dictionary. (see below photo, far left!)

That's all for now. Will write more next year. Next year, get it? Get it? See what I did there?